• Rob Cox
    Vice President & DOM
    Rob Cox
    Sun Air Jets
    "I recently used the RFQ feature on MRO insider for the first time. I have a large inspection package coming due and needed options. Within a few hours, I had confirmation from 3 vendors that they were reviewing the work scope and working on a formal quote. The next day two of the vendors reached out to me to clear up some questions on the work scope. I soon had 3 separate quotes in hand. The best part is I'm not being hounded by salesman."
  • Herman Guzman
    Director of Maintenance
    Herman Guzman
    "MRO Insider is a great tool to have in your arsenal. Our Gulfstream was coming due for heavy maintenance and also needed to become ADS-B compliant. Our quote request was answered almost immediately, and because of MRO Insider, we accepted a quote from a facility that we’ve never utilized in the past. We now plan on comparing our options and reducing our maintenance costs for all future events!"
  • Jeffrey Lewis
    Maintenance Control Manager
    Jeffrey Lewis
    Boutique Air
    "By using MRO Insider, I was able to find several facilities our team had never heard of or utilized. The site is an extremely valuable tool to receive quotes much faster than if I had to contact them myself! MRO Insider has become a great tool that has proven very useful to our operation."
  • Sean Wright
    VP of Maintenance Operation
    Sean Wright
    Silver Air
    "Normally we would use a West Coast OEM facility for a GoGo WiFi installation on an aircraft coming onto our charter certificate. Using MRO Insider, we received a quote saving us $25,000! That is certainly incentive to find a way to get to the East Coast for this installation."
  • Travis Stein
    Travis Stein
    TMx Aero
    "TMx Aero has been working with MRO Insider for the past few months and have been very happy with the results. Their website has given us access to clients our company would not likely have the opportunity to reach! It has been a pleasure interacting with the MRO Insider crew and they have been very responsive in answering questions, providing insight, and listening to feedback. We are looking forward to growing alongside MRO Insider in the years to come!"
  • Jamie Smith
    VP of Sales
    Jamie Smith
    "JetRight is growing, and right now I'm the entire sales force, I've received quote requests from Seattle, Washington, and California, and frankly that's somewhere I can't go right now. MRO Insider just extends my range; it's a lot cheaper to pay a monthly subscription than it is for me to travel."
  • Brian Daugherty
    Regional Operations Manager
    Brian Daugherty
    Big Air
    "Getting multiple quotes for repairs or upgrades is at minimum a pain. Tracking down the vendors, repeating yourself a dozen times, sending all of the same info, fielding return calls or emails, and answering the same questions over and over again is a difficult thing when you are busy require efficiency. MRO Insider has taken A LOT of that pain out of the equation. This is as close to a "one stop shop" for quoting maintenance as you can get. Being able to upload all of the aircraft information, along with exactly what you want as far as repair/upgrade ONCE and allowing the system put that out to a large number of vendors on your behalf is a major time saver! Everyone gets the same info, same request for quote, and it is so much easier to compare quotes accurately and efficiently. I highly recommend MRO Insider for anyone looking for repairs, major to minor, even GA pilots, to quickly get fair quotes and be an informed consumer."
  • Adam Johnson
    Adam Johnson
    Aerospace Instrument Support, Inc.
    "MRO insider has allowed our company to reach customers nationwide and previously unknown to our team. The ability to receive RFQ's and advertise our services to potential clients at minimal cost has given us the flexibility to administer our resources to expand our core business, instead of spending money on expensive marketing programs and sales personnel. We recently won a job from a new, out-of-state customer for a panel upgrade and exterior paint on a Citation; this wouldn't have been possible without MRO Insider's innovated website and RFQ platform."
  • Kevin White
    Maintenance Control Manager
    Kevin White
    Berry Aviation, Inc.
    "MRO Insider has been a valuable asset to add to our MX Control toolbox. AOG in a less than suitable location can sometimes be par for the course in the on demand cargo world. Being able to enter a location and search by distance and/or rating has greatly reduced the workload of our controllers in locating contract maintenance when the need arises. It's definitely the first place we go when the need arises."
  • Joel Hansen
    Maintenance Controller
    Joel Hansen
    Mountain Aviation
    "When time is everything, finding maintenance providers quickly and efficiently is key. The AOG feature on MRO Insider is an excellent tool for airports we don't frequently fly to. Being able to reach out to multiple vendors for quotes on a large inspection allows us see many options for not only price but timeframe and location. This is a great tool, that any operator would benefit from."
  • Alberto Shamah
    Alberto Shamah
    Planes To Go, Corp
    "Being located away from the USA, getting quotes to compare, and finding reputable shops and technicians was a real challenge. MRO Insider has taken the guesswork out of the equation, without having to call and email all over the place. When you get an answer or quote, you know it comes from a reputable and knowledgeable shop or technician."
  • Jeff Sutton
    VP of Business Development
    Jeff Sutton
    The Leather Institute
    "The combination of the in-app unique search function dedicated to our services and the E-blast have been very important for our expansion. Within the first few days of being active on the platform we received multiple RFQs! All this at a very reasonable cost."