Our Team

Andy Nixon


Having grown up in a family surrounded by aviation, Andy was confident from a young age where he would focus his career. Having held sales and marketing positions at MRO facilities in the past, he began to understand the needs of aircraft owner/operators as well as the MRO facilities. Andy's great grandfather, Ray Betzoldt, Co-founded Meyers Aircraft Company in the late 1930's which has sparked 4 generations of aircraft enthusiasts and professionals. This includes cousin Lance Neibauer who went on to form Lancair, along with his grandfather and multiple family members all having ties to the aviation industry. In 2021 Andy was a recipient of NBAA's 40 Under 40 Awards in the Innovation Category.

Lindsay Nixon

Director of Operations/Co-Founder

After seeing the frustration and difficulty surrounding the aircraft maintenance quoting process, co-founder and president Lindsay Nixon decided there had to be a better way. Understanding that time is money, she partnered with Andy to create MRO Insider to save aircraft owners and operators both. Lindsay has spent years perfecting her craft of organizational development and leadership, and is committed to every customer to provide an efficient new process in aircraft maintenance.

Perri Bischoff

Director of Marketing

Perri began flying lessons at 16, and now her love for flying has brought her back into the aviation industry. Before joining MRO Insider, Perri spent time working in the photography, wine & restaurant, and real estate industries. In her spare time, she enjoys flying, writing, and serves on the
Board of Directors for the Northern California Business Aviation Association.

Clovis Martins

Director of Sales Latin America

Clovis Martins brings over 10 years of experience in the business aviation industry, ranging from aircraft sales to MRO sales, engine trading and engine MRO. He speaks Spanish and Portuguese and heads MRO Insider efforts in Brazil and other strategic countries in Central and South Americas.

Aaron White

Director of Sales

Aaron has worked in the sales and hospitality industry for over a decade, however, his dad inspired his dreams of aviation. Through a combination of cold calling, mentors, and industry professionals guiding Aaron, he found entry into aviation working as a Business Development Manager in Aviation Recruiting and SaaS startup and then went on as a Research Analyst and Sales Associate for an aircraft sales/acquisition company based out of Sarasota, FL. Aaron is involved in NBAA, TnBAA, and is helping to create the TN YoPros group. He is currently pursuing his private certificate.

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